Rhubarb Gin Recipe

This beautifully refreshing drink is perfect to enjoy throughout the summer.
Served in our contemporary Natural Canvas Large Tumblers, they are the ideal shape and size for serving an infused liquor.

Only taking 10 minutes to prepare, it’s quick, easy to make and highlights the delicious taste and color of rhubarb.


400g Fresh rhubarb

250g White Caster Sugar

700ml Gin

Tonic or soda water as preferred

1 Lemon



• Wash the rhubarb stalks and chop them into 2cm lengths. Place them in a jar and pour in the sugar

• Next, seal the jar and gently shake to cover the rhubarb – the sugar helps to release the juice from the rhubarb

• Add-in the gin and squeeze the juice from half a lemon

• Reseal the jar, shake again and store it in a cool place for up to two weeks until the mixture has turned a rhubarb pink color

• Serve in beautiful glasses straight from the jar or use a sieve and transfer to a bottle. Top with tonic or soda water for a refreshing taste and finish with a stalk of rhubarb in each glass.

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Tips for Throwing the Perfect Tea Party

Throwing the perfect tea party is all about attention to detail. From tea time essentials to delectable macaron meringue cookies, tea parties are all about bringing old friends together and entertaining new ones in an elegant setting! Read on to learn how to throw the perfect afternoon tea party!


Set the mood of your tea party by sending out invitations about a month in advance. Use delicate materials for your invitations, such as lace or unique paper. By sending true paper invitations via mail, it will make an impact, considering most invitations are now done online. If your tea party is formal, be sure to set place cards for your guests who RSVP’d!

Traditional tea parties take place in the afternoon. Tea parties are great for all ages but, if you prefer an adult-only tea party, be sure to specify that on the invitation. If kids are welcome, make that clear as well. Whether the party will take place at your own home or a venue, be sure to put an address.

Be sure to strongly communicate the theme for the party, along with a dress code, so your guests know how to properly prepare. This might be the only “dress up” opportunity that most people get. Consider business casual for a more relaxed vibe, or go more exuberant with intricate hats, skirts, and dresses. Who doesn’t love a good dress-up party?


Flowers, sugar, and glassware are the three necessities you need for a true tea party aesthetic. Traditionally, a cake stand is the center of attention at any tea party. It usually features scones, little cakes, and sandwiches and sits the highest on the largest table. Make yours truly unique with an upturned bowl and plate, sure to wow your guests.

Surrounding tables and surfaces should be filled with teapots and vases and filled with fun flowers, such as peonies or other delicate, pastel floral ideas. Alongside your flowers, be sure to fill other cups and vases with candy, pearl chocolates, and macarons! Chevrons, stripes, or floral patterns will keep a consistency throughout the decorations.

Tablescapes with large flower arrangements are a necessity. Perhaps consider a lace tablecloth. Muted colors and pastels create an atmosphere of peace. Of course, be sure to have several teapots, cups, and saucers. Feel free to mix and match patterns. Shop our dinnerware collections here.


Create a menu placed on each seat. The menu should feature quarter-cut sandwiches, tea, and a featured dessert. There are no real rules when it comes to what food you serve, so get creative! Consider cheese platters and salads, but try to stay on the lighter side.

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Cake and scones are the most exciting part of tea parties. Be sure to have an array displayed where it is accessible for people to get to at any time.


Last, but not least, the most important part, and why everyone is here: the tea! Serve both hot and iced tea. Have water available, as well, in beautiful glassware. Keep small bowls accessible with lemon slices, alongside cream and sugar. You can serve any type of tea that you think would please your guests.

Iced tea is also a great option. Consider making it a little fancier by freezing flowers or herbs inside of your ice cubes. Place in pitchers up and down the table with labels so your guests know which is which.

Be sure to enjoy along with your guests. You’ve worked hard for this party, so sit back, relax, and eat macarons! Also, be sure to shop Denby USA for the best teaware to buy. Cheers!




Finding a Gift for Dad

Treat Dad to a great gift this Father’s Day with our collection of tableware, cookware and glass. Find new pieces to inspire his cooking and smarten the dining table.

For Cooking

Our Cast Iron range is versatile, easy to use and strong. Designed for everyday use, cast iron makes a great gift. With its energy-efficient design, our Cast Iron heats up faster, cooks evenly and keeps food hotter for longer. Whether he’s slow cooking a one-pot dish or preparing a quick and delicious family dinner, our attractive and practical Cast Iron is ideal for use. It is also available in six different shapes and three distinctive colors, enabling you the make the perfect choice for him.

For Drinking

Give him a brand-new set of glasses and let him enjoy his favorite tipple this Father’s Day. From Small Tumblers to Wine Glasses, our selected range of glassware is ideal for serving his drink of choice.

For Serving

Available in a variety of collections, nesting bowls are a versatile serving piece that showcases food in the best light. Great for the summer season, nesting bowl sets are ideal for sharing and can be used to present nibbles, side dishes and even desserts. An original gift, the sets will allow Dad to get creative in the kitchen.


Find our full collection of Father’s Day gifts here.

Spring Edit

Get inspired for spring with our latest trend edit. From subtle tones to dark, two-tone patterns, we have a range of tableware designs that promise durability and beauty.


Use the calming tones of our Natural Canvas collection to update your table setting. Designed for modern living, Natural Canvas is a beautiful range in a neutral shade. The simplicity of its color ensures that it will complement any interior whilst the roulette detailing found on key pieces gives a considered look.

For another natural touch of color, our Truffle collection consists of two patterns: Truffle & Truffle Layers. Truffle combines our durable stoneware with unique glazes for a hard-wearing and beautiful finish. An ideal starter set, this range has been designed to be used and enjoyed every day.


A work of art, Halo gives a textured look with two tones of beautiful glaze. Utilizing the skills of our craftspeople to create this striking collection of tableware, Halo is able to bring depth and style to your home. Our most Instagrammed collection, Halo can be used to style your table or as a decorative collection to enhance the look of your interiors.

A lighter but equally eye-catching range, Azure is a refreshing blue and sea green collection. Layers of glaze produce a coastal effect that will modernize your table arrangement. To achieve the stunning aquamarine color, every item is heated in the kiln to a specific temperature.


With a focus on playful colors, Heritage is perfect for sunnier seasons. Featuring five contemporary pastel tones, Heritage provides a light and fresh feel as a standalone range or as additional pieces to complement your current tableware.

Shades of stunning blue dominant within our Heritage Pavilion and Fountain ranges. Inspired by glazes of the past, these bright collections will revive your kitchen with a true artisan quality.

How To: French Press

Meet the French Press: A quick yet sophisticated way to start your day.

Pair with hot water and coffee grounds for the perfect brew.


It’s Almost Too Easy –

  1. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and let sit for one minute (the ideal temperature for french press coffee is 195°F).

2. Pour coffee grounds into the french press followed by the hot water. Stir vigorously, using an up and down motion.

3. Time to steep – let the mix sit for four minutes. (If you like to experiment, you may find certain roasts may taste better with slightly longer or shorter steeping times)

4. After 4 minutes, press the plunger all the way down to the bottom.

5. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy.

Things to Consider:

If you find yourself with a little extra time, feel free to warm the french press beforehand by rinsing it out with boiling water.

If you brewed a little too much, pour the leftover coffee into a thermal carafe to keep it hot.
This prevents the coffee from sitting on the grounds and becoming too bitter.


– More about our French Press –


  • Our Natural Canvas French Press is handcrafted from high quality clay and designed with a beautiful chevron texture.
  • Like all other pieces from our Natural Canvas line, the French Press has been expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability.
  • This stylish and easy to care for piece is the perfect gift for coffee lovers.  Learn more here >



Your Guide to Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is approaching quickly – here’s a quick guide to perfecting your party.


6220_Denby Imperial Blue Wraps Landscape.jpg

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Fiesta List

1. Food

Make a burrito / taco bar with:  flour and corn tortillas, chicken, carnitas, and sofrita fillings, and toppings such as: rice, Mexican cheese,  shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, corn salsa and of course, guacamole. Tres leches cake and churros for dessert, por favor y gracias.


Our Natural Canvas Nesting Bowls are perfect for entertaining. View them here >

 5157_Imperial Blue Small Tumbler (1).jpg

 2. Drinks

The necessities: tequila, limes, and Mexican brews.
Add fresh fruit and your preferred margarita
ingredients and don’t forget the salt!

Shop Glassware in eye-dazzling colors.

3. Decorations

This is a celebration; decorations should be everywhere – on the table, the walls and even on you.  Make your fiesta the most festive by adding Bright Colors, Cacti, Cocktail Umbrellas, Flowers, Mexican Flags, Pinatas, and Sombreros. Anything that will make you smile, basically.

4. Music

This one requires only a decent pair of speakers and a wifi connection – you can find #CincoDeMayo playlists on your favorite music apps for free.

5. Stoneware

Our Limited Edition Tapas line from the Fire collection is bold, durable, AND on sale this weekend, along with a few other fiesta-defining pieces. Taco ’bout a party.

Tapas_No People.jpg

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Treat your Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your mom and show her how much you care. By arranging a weekend brunch, family get together or afternoon tea, you can say thanks in style…Treat her to a relaxing Sunday brunch using our neutral Natural Canvas collection. Fill the contemporary bowls with berries and pour the perfect espresso in our roulette detailed espresso cups.

Arrange a family get together with her favorite dishes taking center stage. Incorporate our unique, two-tone Halo collection to showcase the dishes and combine varying shapes, including bowls, plates, and platters.

Make her a stylish afternoon tea with the bold tones of Imperial Blue. Set the table with our Imperial Blue Tea Set and let her choose from scones or cakes, served on our classic Imperial Blue plates.



Easter Fun with Denby

This year the Denby team dyed Easter eggs in our colorful Heritage Cascade Mugs which are sure to fit with any table setting. You can learn more about our Cascade Mugs here.


What You’ll Need

  1. Hard-boiled eggs
  2. Paper towel or newspaper
  3. Cascade Mug > Get yours here
  4. Tongs, egg dipper, or slotted spoon
  5. ½ cup boiling water
  6. 1 teaspoon white vinegar
  7. 1 Egg Dying Kit


For the dye, we used colored tablets that would come in a typical Easter egg dying kit and did not experience any mug discoloration after washing with dish soap.


Here’s an egg that we dyed using the ‘Ombre’ effect. We first colored it yellow, then dipped it into the green dye multiple times, keeping the bottom of the egg submerged in the dye for longer than the middle of the egg.


We don’t mean to brag but we think these came out egg-cellent!

Easter Entertaining

This Easter, enjoy the holiday by relaxing and entertaining in style. Natural Canvas  is the perfect range for decorating the home, refreshing the kitchen and even makes a stunning gift for a family member or friend.

Due to its relaxed hue, Natural Canvas is a beautiful collection of tableware that promises to complement any interior. The range combines elegant cream pieces with ‘chevron’ detailed shapes, giving the collection a distinctive look, inspired by a Denby design from the 1960’s.

When arranged in a table setting, Natural Canvas instantly modernizes and brightens. For your full table setting, see the 16 Piece Tableware Set which is the complete set, ideal for everyday use as well as on special occasions.

Using slate within your setting will set off the neutral tone of Natural Canvas and add texture to your table. Decorate with spring flowers, showcase your dishes on platters and fill mugs or espresso cups with eggs. For a thoughtful touch, gift your guests with a ramekin filled with Easter treats.

Our Green Credentials

The Denby Group is committed to continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention. Objectives and targets have been established and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Here’s how we do it:

Denby was the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim ‘zero to landfill’ for all our process waste. This saves approximately 600 tons of CO2 emissions each year. That’s the equivalent of all our 300+ Denby employees car journeys in a year being ‘carbon neutral’!

Because our quality standards are so high, any clay with faults is recycled into new stoneware. We save 2500 tons of raw clay, the equivalent of 350 fully loaded double decker buses!

We make all our molds from plaster of Paris. These are recycled to make plasterboard and every year 300 tons of plaster of Paris molds is enough to fully plaster 50 new homes!

Every year we recycle over 100,000 liters of glaze during the glazing process, that’s enough to glaze nearly 1 million pots!

We re-use 8 million liters of water per year and we purify and return to the water cycle 28 million liters of water. That’s enough to fill 12 Olympic size swimming pools!

We receive over 300 tons of packaging a year and it’s all recycled. And wherever possible we minimize the packaging we send out by using reusable totes.

And we are not stopping there, as we are committed to continuously finding new ways of making a positive contribution to the environment.